London is a city of stories.
Millions of stories walk the same streets, interlacing at every interaction, 
sharing a narrator and a tone.
A city of rush, of doing to be, of growing energy.
A city where everyone wants to be someone.

What if the city
also wants to be someone?

I believe the city has its personality and we just adopt it.
Like when you hang out too much with a friend,
you start looking and acting like them.
London is diverse, multifaceted, almost schizophrenic,
and what all its different faces have in common is their intensity.
Whatever you want, you will find. And it will go fast. Full on.
Each trait is distinctive. Contagious. It grows on people.

It just depends with what London you run around with, that London you will become.
You will start expressing the city’s personality. Channeling its energy.
Behaving like London.

You will become London’s character.
And be part of its story.
These are just some of the city’s characters:
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